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K.Jacques is simultaneously the story of a family, a place and a product, first debuting in 1933.

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Nemesis Sandal in NaturelNemesis Sandal in Naturel
Dana Sandal in Metyl ChapmanDana Sandal in Metyl Chapman
Epicure Sandal in Disco PlantineEpicure Sandal in Disco Plantine
Epicure Sandal in Kampal DunaEpicure Sandal in Kampal Duna
Epicure in Lame PlatineEpicure in Lame Platine
Epicure in Horsy Baby LeopardEpicure in Horsy Baby Leopard
Epicure in Natural BCL BronzeEpicure in Natural BCL Bronze
Epicure Miel in Disco BronzeEpicure Miel in Disco Bronze
Temuco Miel in Horsy LeopardTemuco Miel in Horsy Leopard
Epicure Black Leather SandalsEpicure Black Leather Sandals
Epicure F Miel in Metyl ArgentEpicure F Miel in Metyl Argent
Epicure Sandals in LeopardEpicure Sandals in Leopard
Temuco F Miel in SaddaleTemuco F Miel in Saddale
Epicure Sandals in ZebreEpicure Sandals in Zebre
Epicure Sandals in BronzeEpicure Sandals in Bronze
Epicure Sandals in DunaEpicure Sandals in Duna
Epicure Sandals in NaturelEpicure Sandals in Naturel
Temuco Sandal in Vel Sultan Blob SedaTemuco Sandal in Vel Sultan Blob Seda