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Portofino 85 in LeopardPortofino 85 in Leopard
Gianvito 70 in CamelGianvito 70 in Camel
Portofino 70 in Silk SilverPortofino 70 in Silk Silver
Portofino 70 in Leopard SandalsPortofino 70 in Leopard Sandals
Marley Nappa 70 in MousseMarley Nappa 70 in Mousse
Bing 65 in Caper GreenBing 65 in Caper Green
Portofino 70 in Black SuedePortofino 70 in Black Suede
Image of a 85mm heeled sandal, featuring a leopard print, ankle and tie strap with ankle backing support.  Portofino 85 in Almond Leopard Print
Gianvito 70 in Suede BlackGianvito 70 in Suede Black
Valerie Nappa Leather in CreamyValerie Nappa Leather in Creamy
Saeda 85 in Linen & CrystalSaeda 85 in Linen & Crystal
Bing 65 in SandBing 65 in Sand
Jimmy Choo
Bing 65 in Sand Sale price$1,479
A sleek stiletto low strappy black heel, with square toe, knotted toe thong, foot straps and buckle closure. Formal shoe, comfortable, made in Italy, 6.5cm heel, chic everyday heel, leather. Elise Nappa Leather Sandal in Black
Portofino 70 Starlight in MekongPortofino 70 Starlight in Mekong
Portofino 70 Starlight in SilverPortofino 70 Starlight in Silver
Jaipur Sling Stiletto 85 in Almond LeopardJaipur Sling Stiletto 85 in Almond Leopard
Portofino 70 in Praline SuedePortofino 70 in Praline Suede
Juno Leather Sandal in WhiteJuno Leather Sandal in White
Juno Leather Sandal in CuoioJuno Leather Sandal in Cuoio
Vernice 85 in PeachVernice 85 in Peach
Minerva 85 Pump in SilverMinerva 85 Pump in Silver
Minerva 85 Pump in MekongMinerva 85 Pump in Mekong
Portofino 70 in Silk MekongPortofino 70 in Silk Mekong