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One of our favourite party dress designers, Retrofete bring the party to our event wear collection.  Inspired by the glamour of yesteryear, Retrofete translates to “vintage party” and is leading the way with its spirited designs and attention-grabbing dresses. 

Relatively new to the fashion scene, Retrofete is the brainchild of designers and partners, Ohad Seroya and Aviad Klin. Inspired by items they inherited from their mothers’ closets, Seroya and Klin seek to create pieces that are empowering and transformative in nature. Luxurious fabrics, masterful draping, and eye-catching embellishments are combined to evoke the nostalgia of dance floors and discos. A celebratory, playful aesthetic has seen the label's popularity rise, including among the red carpet set. 

Retrofête is for the woman who demands to be noticed. As the designers say of their line, “dynamic energy is the core of Retrofête. It’s what we infuse into each piece and what we desire women to exude when they wear our brand. Our inspiration is to make women feel special.”