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Fascinated by the rich and powerful history of headpieces, which are signifiers of royalty and ceremony, Jennifer is inspired by the talismanic power of a good headpiece. Cinderella may have been shod, but Kings and Queens are crowned.  

Jennifer Behr’s headpieces are the most luxurious headpieces available on the market today. Each season, Jennifer artfully incorporates a range of materials to create unique heirloom-quality pieces, carefully constructed by hand in New York City since 2005. Complex pieces can take hours to create, and this dedication to quality is readily evident. Every piece is a special creation, waiting to come alive when worn.

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Mimi Headband in CrystalMimi Headband in Crystal
Rowena Headband in GoldRowena Headband in Gold
Hila Headband in CrystalHila Headband in Crystal
Lylah Earring in FernLylah Earring in Fern
Venus Earrings in Crystal
A statement drop earring, fetauring three rose coloured crystals and gold hardware. Statement jewelry, comfortable, party earrings, special occasion jewelry.   Aileen Earrings in Light Rose
Tunis Earring in PoolTunis Earring in Pool
Image of a flower shaped crystal stud with silver hardware. Callie Earrings in Crystal
Image of  drop earrings featuring a teardrop crystal alongside round crystals in varying sizes in varying blue shades with gold hardware.Aileen Earrings in Sky
Tunis Earring in Diamond
Twist Headband in Silk Satin RubyTwist Headband in Silk Satin Ruby
Allanah Earrings in DiamondAllanah Earrings in Diamond
Triple Rosette Faille Headband in RoseTriple Rosette Faille Headband in Rose
Twist Headband in LeopardTwist Headband in Leopard
Twist Headband in Silk Satin NavyTwist Headband in Silk Satin Navy
Twist Headband in Silk Satin MistTwist Headband in Silk Satin Mist
Medici Headband in CrystalMedici Headband in Crystal
Lune Earrings in PearlLune Earrings in Pearl
Judy Earrings in TealJudy Earrings in Teal
Ines Earrings in RoseInes Earrings in Rose
Gretal Earring in Gold & PearlGretal Earring in Gold & Pearl
Audrey Earrings in CrystalAudrey Earrings in Crystal