Times change and trends come and go, but at Calexico there’s one brand we’ll always have a soft spot for. It’s a perennial bestseller and the shining star of our online search queries. That brand is Jimmy Choo. We can’t imagine it ever not having a place on our shelves and in our hearts. 
Choo customers are loyal and legion – many of them hardcore repeat buyers. And you should see the stampede when Jimmy Choos go on sale! Our warehouse team could tell you some stories… 
The reason for this devotion is supreme craftsmanship and exquisite beauty. Jimmy Choo makes sparkly, celebratory shoes and accessories that wear beautifully and make people happy.

Crystal Appeal


It’s mind-blowing how many embellishments are used to create a single pair of the brand’s shoes. The dazzling crystal clusters that adorn each of the pointed pumps is carefully embroidered by hand.
In fact, each and every one of its pieces is hand-finished by master artisans to ensure it’s a meticulous representation of the brand. This is old-school luxury design at its most pure. The standards are next level.
At Jimmy Choo, care and precision goes into every piece that bears the brand name. The brand works closely with world-class suppliers who truly understand its vision and respect its design integrity.

What's The Story?



While Jimmy Choo is indeed a real person who made his first pair of shoes at 11 years old, he sold his stake in the company over 20 years ago. His co-founder, former British Vogue accessories editor Tamara Mellon, eventually sold her share of the company in 2011.
Jimmy Choo's father was a shoemaker in Penang, Malaysia, who made all of his shoes by hand and taught him the craft. In the early 1980s, Choo studied at Cordwainers Technical College in Hackney, London. He then spent almost a decade learning the ins and outs of the business at design firms before launching his own label in 1986 out of an old hospital building.

After seeing his creations at London Fashion Week in 1988, Jimmy Choo welcomed his big break in the form of an eight-page British Vogue spread. Then Princess Diana became a fan in the early 90s and Jimmy Choo Ltd was co-founded with Mellon in 1996.


Under the leadership of current CEO Hannah Colman and Creative Director Sandra Choi, Jimmy Choo has continued to grow without compromising on the magic and master craftsmanship that made us all fall in love in the first place.