There’s a scene in Sex and the City where Berger makes fun of a hat Carrie’s wearing and she walks away from him without a word. The subtext: ‘I couldn’t care less what you think about my clothes, but you’re trying to hurt me and that’s not OK.’
This sums up how we feel about leopard print. It’s divisive. You love it or hate it. Some will try to shame you, call you Mrs. Robinson (which they don’t understand is a compliment) or a cougar. To that we say walk off and don’t look back. For leopard-print fans, it’s a simple of case of, if you know you know. Never apologise, never explain.
“My hat is FABULOUS,” Carrie says to Berger, firmly, when he catches up to her. As is leopard print. We know it in our bones. Forever.

Call Of The Wild 


Leopard print is one of Calexico’s classic colours, etched in our brand DNA for all time. We even have a leopard-print Nicky belt. Consider it the rebel neutral of the warm blooded, free-spirited Calexico girl. Not only does it go with everything, it’s constantly reinventing itself thanks to hot new takes from our stable of global designers.



Try Leopard For Events 


In recent years, we’ve seen more and more coloured leopard print coming through and we applaud it. Leopard print from head to toe. But by adding a simple top can elevate any look!  

Work It In A Skirt Or Blouse 


Liven up your office looks by pairing leopard-print separates with a prim blouse, classic pumps or your everyday bag.

Look For Oversized Prints


Big spots are coming through thick and fast as per our forte forte coat, and it’s an unexpected but very welcome statement.