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Article: Our Stylists Give Away Their Secret Styling Tips

Our Stylists Give Away Their Secret Styling Tips

Our Stylists Give Away Their Secret Styling Tips

Our Stylists Give Away Their Secret Styling Tips

5 easy tricks to help elevate your personal style

It’s amazing the big differences that come from small styling tips and tricks. A simple rolled sleeve with the right bracelets or a loose kaftan cinched with a black leather belt can create an entirely new look. Equally, personal styling advice can push us into exciting new outfit territory that we may not have arrived at on our own. Perhaps a stylist inspires us to put on some leather pants or encourages us to try a Nick Fouquet hat and all of a sudden we’re feeling more confident and finding a new side of ourselves through fashion that we didn’t know existed.

Although we offer complimentary styling in-store and online, we know it can sometimes be difficult to find the time. To help you see the power a personal stylist can bring to your wardrobe, we rounded up our expert team and got them to share their secret styling tips that you can start implementing today!

Eva : The Multi Purpose Scarf Essential

Of course, our Spanish stylist and accessory guru’s number one tip is to invest in a scarf. Silk and cotton scarves scream euro-vacay elegance and are the perfect accessory, especially during summer. For Eva, it’s their versatility that makes them a styling superpower.

Eva's Notes:

Use It As a Belt: “If you can’t find a belt that goes with your outfit, grab a scarf that matches your look. It adds colour and texture and adds a point of difference to a classic jeans and shorts look.” Turn It Into a Halter Top: “If you’re at the beach and want to change out of a wet bikini; simply wrap a scarf around your front and tie behind the neck for a summery and colourful alternative.”

Add Some Boho-Chic: “Maybe it was living in Mallorca or my time in Los Angeles, one of my personal favourite looks is a head scarf. Pair with a maxi dress and sandals for a free-spirited but elevated outfit”.

Upstyle Your Hat: “If you’ve a classic hat that needs a pop of colour, tie a scarf around the hat’s base and instantly transform your look”.

Style On The Go: “Honestly, there’s always a scarf in my handbag. You never know when you’ll need it and it’s so portable. You can even tie it around your bag strap if you want to show it off”.

Fashionably Safe: “Another benefit of having a scarf in your bag is that you can use it as a mask if you need to and don’t have your usual PPE”.

Hannah: Amp Up Your Denim Silhouettes

Hannah's Notes:

When you ask someone if they need more denim in their wardrobe, they usually reply, “no, I’ve got loads of jeans”. However, many people often find one jean cut they love and then buy it in a tonne of washes – and that’s great! But there’s so many more silhouettes that you can add to your closet to expand the versatility of everyday looks. If you normally go for a skinny leg, try a wider flare. Also looks outside of jeans! Over summer mix it up with denim skirts, button up dresses and shorts. In cooler weather look at denim jackets and long-sleeved shirts. You’ll be amazed at the way a few extra items can extend your style options for off-duty and elevated day to night looks.

Daisy: Make Self-Care Part Of Your Style

Daisy's Notes:

Personal style isn’t just about clothes – it’s also about the little self-care moments that make us look and feel beautiful. For me, things like getting your hair or nails done can make a world of difference to your look and confidence. Scheduling regular nail appointments is an indulgence that always makes me feel put together. You don’t need to save this for big events, you deserve to feel this way in your day-to-day life.

Rose: Dress From The Inside Out

Rose's Notes:

After styling thousands of women, Rose has learned the ultimate styling tip: always “dress from the inside out”. Fashion exists to help us find our inner beauty and unique expression. When working with her clients, Rose always first looks to their inner radiance and personality, and curates looks that make them feel elevated but still like “them”.

It’s a styling tip that we can all apply. It can also help us avoid spending money on trends that aren’t really us or aren’t interested in trying. Equally, it leads us towards the cuts and silhouettes that flatter our unique shape and make us feel like the most expressed version of ourselves. Rose reminds us that when you feel good, you truly look good, and when you look good, you truly feel good.

Other ways to help you find your inner beauty from within can include fragrance and lingerie as these are little styling moments that are (more or less) just for you.

Brook: It Pays To Elevate Your Basics

Brook's Notes:

Our men’s senior stylist Brook says, not all basics are created equal. Just because something is a staple in your wardrobe doesn’t mean it deserves less thought or attention. In fact considering the amount of time you spend wearing wardrobe essentials it pays to invest in designers that have got basics down to a fine art.

Her advice? Invest in really quality denim like Jacob Cohen and James Perse for a classic tee. Trade the stock standard RM Williams for an Italian made boot from the masters, Gianvito Rossi or invest in a luxury sneaker from Santoni. And if you’re going out and need a jacket, still choose a classic cut but invest in the fabric. For example, a linen blazer in summer or suede in winter.

All of our stylists offer complimentary virtual and in-store styling! Book online or pop in store for a fun and friendly session with any of our expert team. Together you’ll create looks from our amazing curation of international designers that’ll make you look and feel you’re most confident. No occasion is off the table and we love to style for everything from big events, to everyday moments, or a complete wardrobe overhaul.

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