Our Beautiful Clients Share:
Three Positive Habits That Get Them Through The Day

Some amazing women share their foolproof tips that keep them focused and having fun

At Calexico, I am constantly inspired by the amazing women who walk through our doors. They come from every profession, age, background and each bring their own unique personality and love for life. From styling and chatting with them I always learn something new about them or about life and I feel very lucky I am able to call these women my clients and a lot of them my friends. I am priveledged that myself and my fabulous team are able to style these women and contribute to their good vibes and confidence!

When this lockdown came about I thought it would be interesting to reach out to my ladies and see if they could share what they do to keep their spirits high and productive so we can all take a peek and get enthused – especially during these ever changing times.

Read below from our amazing women who share their foolproof tips that keep them positive and focused for great days ahead.

See you in store hopefully soon!

Xx Nicky

Gen Dharamaraj

Chiropractor and Functional Neurologist at Nurturing Brain Potential

Tell us a bit about your career

“Nurturing Brain Potential (NBP) is the first clinic in Australia to utilize the work of Dr. Robert Melillo, one of the most respected specialists in childhood neurological disorders in the world. We help children with Autism, ADHD, learning issues, and traumatic brain injuries by using the latest digital therapy developmental neurology practices. Our results have been nothing short of astounding.”

What role has discovering your personal style played in your professional life?

“As an owner of two businesses, a mum, and wife, life is definitely a juggling act! On top of this, my role at NBP requires me to be constantly on the move. To help me make this as seamless as possible, when it comes to my office style, I’m decked out in Isabel Marrant and my Phillippe Models. These looks are my easy, “go-to” outfits. Also being clothed in fabulous fashion always makes me happy. ”

What are the three morning habits that keep you focused and passionate?

  1. Going for a run before your brain is truly awake. My running gear is always beside my bed. It’s a fabulous way to wake up -- then coffee. #noexcuses #fitterstrongerfaster

  2. Love my Kikki K project planner. So many projects can get overwhelming, separating them, and writing lists just makes them easier to achieve. Nothing feels as good as that line through a list!

  3. Looking for “awe” in the world. It could be just noticing the butterflies, a flower on a walk, or looking up at the clouds. In a world filled with chaos, there is always AWE in nature.

Barb Madden

CFO of Smithfield Cattle Company

Tell us a bit about your career

“I’m a beef cattle farmer from Proston, a very tiny town 350kms northwest of Brisbane. My family’s business, Smithfield Cattle Company, employs 100 staff across two feed yards and we feed 40,000 cattle every day supplying high-quality, nutritious beef to the world. I am a CFO and a passionate advocate for the Australian beef industry.”

What role has discovering your personal style played in your professional life?

“Moving between two worlds, the country, and the city could seem difficult style-wise. But I wear Calexico clothes on my farm every day, because why should fashion be limited to the city? Feeling fabulous in what we wear should know no boundaries.”

What are the three morning habits that keep you focused and passionate?

1. Waking at 4.30 am. An early morning routine is a great way to start the day.

2. Exercise every single day. I have learned moving my body is good for me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

3. Gratitude mantra. I have a mantra, I repeat the moment I wake up. Being thankful for my health, my family, and all the good things in my life.

Shannon Nixon

CEO and Founder of Ko-Lab8

Tell us a bit about your career

“Originally from South Africa, with a stint in London, I’ve been calling Australia home for the past 16 years and this beautiful slice of heaven that is Brisbane for the past nine years. Having spent 25 years in the technology industry, working for the largest tech firms in the world, I finally decided to follow a long-held ambition and started a boutique consulting firm, Ko-Lab8, focusing on digital transformation. Made up of an amazing group of diverse and talented individuals, Ko-Lab8 works with organisations to help them navigate a sometimes winding path to digital transformation by taking a holistic view and connecting business with technology.”

What are the three morning habits that keep you focused and passionate?

  1. Start the day with a good training session, usually at the gym, or these days in lockdown, walking the dog. If it’s a weekend, I love nothing more than getting out on the standup paddleboard or the trails on my mountain bike

  2. Spend some time planning my day out in my head, what are some of the priorities, and key outcomes for the day.

  3. Importantly, coffee - need, want, must have coffee! Usually while catching up on what’s happening in the world, through various news channels and mediums.

Chloe Walker


Tell us a bit about your career

I moved to Sydney from Brisbane and am a journalist, I’m also writing a children’s book. Now, I regularly shop online at Calexico. However, I really do miss the incredible in-store experience, the amazing team of stylists, and of course, the gorgeous clothes! If you’re close-by to Calexico in Brisbane, I’m jealous.

What role has discovering your personal style played in your professional life?

Even though we’re currently in a lockdown, I still try to get up and get ready every day so that I feel my best for work. When I’m interviewing (normally via Google Meets or Zoom), I definitely feel more confident if I’ve put some effort into my look (even though it’s always tempting to just chuck on trackies). I think looking my best also shows that I respect the interviewees and care about what they have to say!

What are the three morning habits that keep you focused and passionate?

  1. Waking up early and walking down to beautiful Halfway Beach. This is my favourite way to start the day, as I love getting some winter sun on my face and spending time near the water (if it’s not too cold, I love to jump in!)

2. Reading or listening to a podcast. I love reading and being inspired by others' stories, especially successful women. Doing so also gives me ideas of how I can improve my own writing. Right now, I’m reading "The Beauty of Living Twice" By Sharon Stone.

3. Coffee! I’m a coffee fiend. If I haven’t already made one, I’ll grab one on the way back from the beach. Normally then I’ll have a quick read or potter around the house while listening to music or a podcast before work.

Jen Lattimore

Personal Trainer & Mother To Many

Tell us a bit about your career

“Well, I’m a mum to six kids of which a huge majority spend their time at home -- so that keeps me super busy. I’m also a Personal Trainer at my gym and you’ll find me there most early mornings and some evenings.”

What role has discovering your personal style played in your professional life?

“As a trainer and mum, you’ll find me in activewear A LOT of the time. However, when I’m not in activewear it makes the moment feel more special. For example, putting on a nice top and jeans that’s been thoughtfully picked out by one of the stylists at Calexico always puts a spring in my step and makes me feel lovely. It’s important to have those moments.”

What are the three morning habits that keep you focused and passionate?

  1. Being active for myself and for others. Starting my day with movement is huge for me and not just physically. It’s my favourite time to truly disconnect and is a mental outlet. Also, I’ve found that I gained a lot of fulfillment by helping others enjoy the many feel-good benefits of exercise. Even at the moment, there’s satisfaction in sending people workouts they can do at home during lockdown.

  2. Organisation is a big one. It’s in no way about being a control freak but about giving myself a system that helps me relieve stress. I’ve found that having some structure in place allows me to relax more because there’s a method to support the day and eliminate some chaos.

  3. Champagne! After a day of getting through all the things that needed to be done from the housework to my training sessions, to stuff with the kids, it’s a lovely feeling to take some time at the end of the day and unwind, relax and have fun. Everyone deserves that.

Felicity Young

Specialist in Global Health

Tell us a bit about your career

I am a specialist in global health, and have worked on HIV and human rights, and gender for the past three decades. COVID-19 is impacting on my work, and the people with whom I work are struggling to cope. Many of my colleagues have been in lockdowns since last year but, somehow, they are providing health services for the most marginalised people in their communities. I used to travel incessantly, but now I skip all over the world via those little Zoom windows. I miss seeing my colleagues face-to-face, but this is how we will live and work from now on.

What role has discovering your personal style played in your professional life?

For me, it’s about connection and authenticity. Yes, I love the ever-evolving range of beautiful clothes and the fact you can buy a great pair of jeans at any time on any day and in any season along with treasures that will last a lifetime. But what truly keeps me coming back to a store like Calexico are the beautiful women who work there, and the fact it is a female-owned small business.

What are the three morning habits that keep you focused and passionate?

  1. I wake up around 6 am and reach for my phone and begin reading the emails that arrived overnight. I respond to what I can to get them out of the way. The difficult ones give me a sense of how my day will go.
  2. I make a stove-top caffé latte as I continue to plough through my messages.
  3. Assuming I don’t have a teleconference, I read the news. If I have the time, I’ll spend an hour or so doing this as I continue to dip in and out of my work emails.

PS. I thought about saying that I begin my day with a glass of warm water with lemon and chanting “Om mani padme hum”, but my life is quite the antithesis of that.

Thank you again to our incredible clients for generously sharing their advice. We know that we’ll be adding a few of these to our morning routines. We hope that this also helps everyone stay focused on their goals as we navigate these changing times. See you all in-store soon!