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Once labelled ‘The Queen of The Hoop’, Jenny Bird is Canada’s leading fashion jewellery designer. She has also gained notoriety with her custom chains, innovative earring silhouettes and anklets. Jenny’s approach to each season is driven by a love of fashion with an inherent understanding of ‘what’s cool’, while also making sure the pieces are luxurious and have longevity. Each design is thoughtfully executed with technical details like custom hinges and clasps. As she continues to evolve the brand, Jenny’s design objective remains the same: to create modern essentials that are thoughtfully constructed and meant to be worn by everyone.

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Icon Medium Hoops in GoldIcon Medium Hoops in Gold
Puffy Faye Knockers Earrings in Two TonePuffy Faye Knockers Earrings in Two Tone
Tome Triple Ear Cuff in GoldTome Triple Ear Cuff in Gold
Puffy U-Link Earrings in GoldPuffy U-Link Earrings in Gold
Mega U-Link Earrings in GoldMega U-Link Earrings in Gold
Chunky Doune Hoops in GoldChunky Doune Hoops in Gold
Icon Large Hoops in SilverIcon Large Hoops in Silver
Ola Hoops in GoldOla Hoops in Gold
Francis Choker Necklace in GoldFrancis Choker Necklace in Gold
Nouveaux Puff Earrings in GoldNouveaux Puff Earrings in Gold
Florene Earrings in GoldFlorene Earrings in Gold
Large Tome Hoops in GoldLarge Tome Hoops in Gold
Slime Doune Hoops in GoldSlime Doune Hoops in Gold
Milly Chain Necklace in GoldMilly Chain Necklace in Gold
Puffy Faye Knockers Earrings in GoldPuffy Faye Knockers Earrings in Gold