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Elisa Battistini is a Parisian born designer from a family of jewellers. She grew up sorting gems on the Place Vendôme and has recently continued the family legacy with the launch of her debut line called Ivarene. Ivarene was born while living in the hills of Los Angeles where she lived with her husband, two sons for 2 years. Inspired by women, nature and organic forms Ivarene necklaces are all handmade with a natural and casual elegance. Each piece is hand strewn and mounted in the tradition of classic pearls using carefully selected precious and semi-precious stones from around the world.

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Evergreen Chrysoprases Necklace in Yellow GoldEvergreen Chrysoprases Necklace in Yellow Gold
Bird Pearl Necklace in Yellow Gold
Mojave Turquoise Necklace in Yellow Gold
Niilo Amethyst Necklace in Yellow GoldNiilo Amethyst Necklace in Yellow Gold