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Article: Your NOVEMBER Horoscopes Just Landed

Your NOVEMBER Horoscopes Just Landed

Your NOVEMBER Horoscopes Just Landed

Your November Horoscopes Have Just Landed

Everything you need to cosmically prepare for the month ahead

Down Under, November signals the start of the Silly Season. Between Melbourne Cup, wedding season, that summer in the air feeling, and a lot of the country coming out of months of lockdown, this November the energy is potent even without the cosmos’ influence. However, it’s always good to have a little zodiac guidance to alert us to our potential opportunities and any astrological curveballs that might be headed our way. Check out your month ahead according to the stars.


You’ve never been one to do things passively, but this month, you may find yourself pushing for even more freedoms and independence -- especially in career and finances. On November 5, Venus moves into your career zone, making you quite the honey tongued negotiator and shining a spotlight on your professional relationships. You’re also supported by the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on November 19, that supercharge your money making powers for the next two years. Taking some time to honestly check-in with yourself and ask some hard-hitting questions will pay dividends. What is your relationship to money? How do you want to do business in the world? Are you able to comfortably talk about money, first with yourself and then with others? The answers to these questions may lead you to smarter, more fulfilling, and more prosperous ways of offering your services and being reimbursed for them.


Your cosmic key dates kick off on November 5, when your ruler, relationship-oriented and beauty-loving Venus moves into hard-working Capricorn. Although you’re a homebody that usually loves to cosy up with a box of Jocelyn’s cupcakes and your prized Hermes blanket, this month you’re excited to get out of your comfort zone and to get out and about. Towards the end of the month, on November 21, you’ll be feeling extra social in the house of intimacy. It’s all thanks to Sagittarius season which spans November 21 to December 21, kicks off, illuminating your need for deep and meaningfuls and emotional vulnerability with your nearest and dearest.


Have you found yourself feeling the need to get super organised with your routine? The cosmos is gently nudging you to prioritise your health -- physical, emotional and mental. Whether it’s food prepping or investing in a multi-step skin regime, you’re going to find you’ve got a lot more energy to implement new processes in your daily life. You can owe it all to Uranus moving into your house of spirituality on November 4th and lighting up your love of self-care. Even if it means major shake ups, this energy will have you feeling refreshed and focused -- the stars are with you! Also, your intuition is on point this month, so if you’ve had an inkling about anything and everything -- follow it.


You may feel as though you're always in your feelings Cancer, but this month you’re also finding your voice -- especially in the relationship department. If you’re loved up, you may find a new chapter of your shared lives emerges. If you’re single, say yes to dates with people who you see having genuine potential and show up true to yourself. You’re feeling confident about who you are and know what you want in a mate, if you can express your desires, you may land on a truly long-term lover. Regardless, if you’re attached or unattached, romantic Venus moves ahead in your partnership zone, asking you to ponder on all your one-one-one relationships be they bosses, friends, or spouses. Speak from the heart and you’ll undoubtedly be heard and your needs met.


As the zodiac’s best extrovert and life of the party, you may be surprised to find yourself looking within this month. There’s a supernova of planets in your house of domestic bliss and family. Trade going out for drinks for a movie night on the couch, and if you’ve family interstate that you’ve not been able to connect with due to border restrictions, a FaceTime (with a few wines) may be more appealing than anything else on your always-on social calendar. Towards the back end of the month, your passionate and gregarious self returns. You may find yourself hungry for a fun-loving adventure or to start a new creative project. When the urge hits, pounce Lady Lion.a


Drowning under an extra large pile of to-dos or been feeling trapped in some serious brain fog? Fear not, things are about to ease up. Mercury, your ruling planet, is out of retrograde and clarity is on its way. Your communication game is strong and you're inspired to launch new creative ventures. However, often your analytical and perfectionist tendencies can hold you back. Release your grip on pragmatism and lean into self-expression. The more you can trust yourself and step forward, the more those dreams you long to manifest can be realised. If you’re still feeling cautious, enroll in a class or find a mentor for an added boost of confidence.


Have you been having some passive aggressive moments with your roomie or significant other about unpacked dishwashers or unmade beds? Any prickly domestic problems are about to be smoothed over, and as the zodiac’s peacekeeper, a return to balance with the people you live with is going to soothe your soul. A love of calm in the home is also going to transfer to the physical and you’ll find yourself wanting to invest in textiles, soft furnishings and lighting to add some extra coziness to your abode.


It’s your birthday month Scorpio! And although the spotlight is on you, you’re also going to have to balance your relationships with others this month. Your personal desires may be in conflict with the desires of your loved ones, and you’ll be forced to have intense conversations to ensure both parties get their needs met. Luckily social and harmonious Venus hangs out in your communication zone and provides support to help you articulate your opinions and emotions gracefully. Relationships continue to be a huge area of focus towards the end of the month as the eclipses kick off a period of transformation with yourself and others for the next two years. But if anyone is comfortable with change for the greater good -- it’s you Scorpio.


The month begins a little existential and you may have found yourself pondering the meaning of life, being awed by Mother Nature, or enrolling in a meditation class. However as November rolls on, the introspection begins to lift and you’ll find yourself coming back down to earth. It’s all courtesy of Uranus, the planet of pragmatism, that forces your attention back to routine and process. In the last week of November, the sun moves into your sign and you shine brighter than ever. You’ll be hungry for nights out on the town, hosting dinners with friends, basically any occasion that allows you to entertain or be entertained.


A natural born leader any time of year, this month lights up your networking and expression houses. You’ll find yourself inspiring your team, forging authentic business connections, and perhaps even supporting your business with an online blog or giving a keynote address. In the latter end of November, you’ll be more interested in getting to know yourself and be keen to dive into some inner work. Maybe you talk it out with a therapist, take up journaling, or dive deep into a spiritual practice or community group. Find something that feels good to you and trust the process.


You’ve had a burning desire to advance your career, be it through promotion, investing in the business, or being recognised with industry awards. However, if it feels as though you’ve been up against a wall, it’s probably thanks to Mercury, the planet of communication moving backwards. The good news is that November’s new moon creates ease as you pursue your professional ambitions. Just remember to keep a solid work-life balance as things begin to ramp up.


As the zodiac’s dreamer, you can often find yourself imagining your next holiday, perfect opportunity, or ideal relationship. This month Uranus enters your sign and supports all that fantasy with planning, brainstorming, and action. Communication is also a huge area for you this month -- so talk to anyone and everyone about your plans and you’ll never know what doors may open. The last few days of November also sees your career zone activated and gives you a boost of confidence in the professional arena. Read: it’s your month to manifest Pisces.

That’s a wrap on Scorpio Season. Also keep your eyes out for that New Moon and Full Moon, using the lunar calendar can help you create and achieve monthly goals. To do this, use the New Moon on November 4th to set your intentions and keep them in mind for the first two weeks of the month. When the Full Moon comes around on November 19th start taking action towards them -- even if it’s just a small step. Feeling armed and ready to tackle November? We’ll be posting horoscope forecasts at the start of each month -- make sure to check back on the blog for your sign!

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