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Article: The Calexico Spring Carnival Lookbook

The Calexico Spring Carnival Lookbook

The Calexico Spring Carnival Lookbook

The Calexico Spring Carnival Lookbook

Nicky’s rounded up her top race day pieces from the store floor: including hats, heels, and accessories!

The spring racing carnival is once again on our calendars, and after the year that was, an excuse to get dressed up from head to toe couldn’t be more anticipated! If you’re still undecided on your look, haven’t found your race dress, or are missing accessories -- there’s still time. Make life easy for yourself, and stop in for a complimentary styling session with one of our expert stylists. We’ve got everything you need to step out in style including gorgeous dresses, delicate headpieces, sophisticated stilettos, and block heels, statement bags, and clutches. Regardless if you’re going to be trackside, or indulging in a long and lavish Melbourne Cup lunch, these looks are sure to stun -- no bets about it.

The Dress Edit

We find choosing our favourite race day dresses a bit like being asked to choose our favourite child -- all of them are gorgeous in their own way. Our advice is to consider the context of your day. Are you attending the actual races? Or are you going to a three course lunch? Is it a corporate event? Or a day out with the girls? These questions will help define your personal race day dress code. If it’s something a little more formal, you may want to opt for a block colour midi dress, if you’re heading to a girlfriend’s house perhaps you want something more floral and floaty, if you’re indulging in the opportunity to have a true fashion moment, perhaps you go hard on a statement dress with a cut out or fringe detail. We’ve curated three dress edits to help you narrow in your ultimate race day dress.

Feeling Floral

You cannot miss with a floral dress. After all, it is the Spring Racing Carnival. As the seasons change, there is a certain energy in the air that just makes stepping in out in a floral dress feel extra on trend. Florals are a beautiful option for those that love a feminine look, especially if you pair a floral pattern with softer colour palettes like pinks and neutrals. However, don’t think that’s the only string to their bow. Florals can also bring the heat and if you’re looking for a floral statement dress, opt for blacks and reds, or a plunging neckline.

Find Your Colour

Big, bold, bright and beautiful -- colour is an amazing way to make a statement on race day, especially if you know the shades that complement your complexion. Choosing a solid colour is also a great option if you’re looking to double down on your accessories, as it can act as a foundational element that allows your hats, jewellery and shoes to really pop. If you’re looking to pull a monochromatic look together, consider using different shades and textures to add interest. Alternatively, make your look stand out with unexpected colour blocking combinations. Also, black and white are definitely colours; classic and elegant -- this is an excellent option for fancier race day events.

All In The Details

Secretly looking to take out Fashions in the Field or love an excuse to dress up in something outside of your usual personal style? Details and statement dresses are more than acceptable on race day. In fact, they're welcomed with open arms. Think cut-outs (a style that’s #trending), fun fringe details (perfect for a shimmy victory dance), or puff sleeves (that give you an amazing silhouette and some romance).

The Accessories Edit

The races and accessories go together like champagne and shopping. When it comes to choosing your accessories, the trick is to figure out who is taking centre stage in your outfit. If it’s your dress, don’t go overboard with accessories, and vice versa, it’s all about harmony. For example, balance florals with strappy sandals, puff sleeves or statement necklines with simple earrings, and OTT hats with sleek silhouettes.

Headbands & Hats

There’s not too many fashion moments that allow you to have fun with headwear. Even if you’re not a “hat” person, hair pins, headbands or fascinators are striking elements that scream race day without having to commit to a full hat.

Shoes & Bags

As mentioned earlier, you’ll wanna think about your day ahead. If you’re going to spend a lot of hours on your hooves or be on grass, consider a block heel for a stunning look that’s less intense on your feet. However, if you’ll just be trotting from the uber to the restaurant, then absolutely rock those 10cm stilettos. We’ve also rounded up our best bags to hold your winning bet slips from mesh clutches to mini bags in our spakliest metals and prettiest colours.

Jewellery & Sunnies

No Spring Carnival look is complete without a little shimmer. If you’re going to have a major hat moment then opt for a more subtle stud or earring, However, if your dress is in need of a little assistance from the jewellery department, mix bold pieces in organic materials and vintage-inspired jewellery that add interest but keep you look elevated.

After you’ve curated your perfect look from dress to hat, shoes to shimmer, it can feel devastating to have to throw on a pair of sunglasses that just don’t go at all. Sunnies are essential for obvious UV reasons but that doesn’t mean you need to ruin your look. Our range of international sunglasses are sourced for their ability to be an accessory in and of themselves. If you’re looking for femine details, check out the Linda Farrow range that is almost like a piece of fine jewellery.

Come in store for your Spring Races look or shop online now!

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