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Article: "Last night a virtual stylist saved my life"

"Last night a virtual stylist saved my life"

"Last night a virtual stylist saved my life"

Virtual styling is Calexico’s most game-changing service, bringing the full styling experience to those who are time-poor or overwhelmed by in-person shopping.
Everyone who’s tried it love love loves it and can’t speak highly enough about our Senior Virtual Stylist, Natasha, who heads up the crew.
Can’t speak highlight enough about our team with senior Virtual stylist heading up the crew.

Styling from the comfort of your own home.

When you’re too busy or not feeling up to coming in, Natasha can listen to your needs and offer exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, she’ll push the envelope and show you things you may not have seen in store.

Natasha says: “Some clients feel overwhelmed coming in store, but they love fashion and want to be in the loop. They call me because I make them feel comfortable and I’m a wealth of knowledge when it comes to our current collection and new arrivals.”

Whether you’re after day-to-day dressing ideas, have a Christmas party looming or need winter packing solutions ASAP, Natasha can browse the racks for you and present you with a range of options. She’ll even let you know when new items from your favourite brands have arrived – before they go online or on display.

Natasha says: “We often send close-up images of items clients like the look of and want to find out more about. I can show them how to wear a style, what the lining of a bag is like – anything they want more information on. It makes me so happy when I hear that my suggestions have genuinely helped clients and made them feel good about themselves.”




Talk us through a virtual styling session

“Often a client and I will text back and forth and workshop ideas until we’ve achieved their goal. Sometimes they might give me a call and say: ‘I have this event coming up and I want to look my best. What do you recommend?’ Then I can piece together a complete outfit for them with shoes, bag and jewellery. It’s of course up to them whether they make a purchase, but very often they do because the virtual styling makes it so easy and enjoyable.”

How clients feel about Natasha

“Natasha has been beyond amazing! She honestly couldn’t have been more helpful and wonderful to deal with. The best customer service. Thank you so much!" - Lisa

“I’ve found it to be an excellent service, and that combined with great designers and curating has meant a pretty seamless experience (got me through lockdowns in Melbourne!). Natasha’s contact is really helpful." - Philippa

“Natasha is always super helpful and goes the extra mile!” - Lyndal




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