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Article: What every hostess with the mostest needs on their table

What every hostess with the mostest needs on their table

What every hostess with the mostest needs on their table

The weather’s getting warmer at last and we’re all in the mood to have people over again. For anyone who needs a refresher, Calexico Founder & Director Nicky Charman says the golden rules of entertaining are simple:

1. Make sure everyone has a drink – or knows how to get one.

2. Get the lighting right with candles, lamps and dimmer switches.

 3. Have a great playlist ready to go – at a comfortable volume that encourages conversation.

4.Don’t overthink it – if you’re relaxed, your guests will be too. 
Whether you’re hosting an alfresco dinner party or keeping things cosy indoors, setting the table can be the most fun and creative part of the entertaining process. All you need are a few special pieces to inspire your efforts and serve as a talking point for guests.
At Calexico, we’ve recently taken delivery of some super-special new tableware from designer LAETITIA ROUGET that are more like works of art than functional basics. Here are a few of our favourites:

1. The Giraffe Candle Holder



How’s this for a playful centrepiece to get everyone in the mood? Just add a tapered candle on top and position it in the middle of your table.
A festive porcelain object like this is a brilliant alternative to the traditional flower arrangement, which can block eye contact and make it hard for your guests to chat easily among themselves. Great news: there’s also a zebra version available! We’re having visions of a full circus theme.

2. The Dancing Queen Dinner Plate





Forget the cold white dinner plates of old; statement ceramics are having a moment. Hand painted with “love and naughtiness” in Portugal, these dinner plates are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that will warmly encourage everyone to fill their plate and ask for seconds.
Bonus: You’d never guess, but these beautiful babes are actually dishwasher-friendly – as handmade and gorgeous as they are. We also have a sizzling snake print with bold red border available. Who can resist?

3. The Dirty Dancing Dessert Plate



How beautiful is this plate and what a sentiment to live by! It’s like it’s giving us permission to have dessert with every meal. Handmade in Portugal and dishwasher safe, the dessert plate also comes in a frisky pink edition that encourages dirty dancing and margaritas.

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