How To Plan A Week of Outfits

On Sundays, We Style Our Wardrobe

We know time is one of the most precious commodities for our clients and are always looking for ways to save you more time.

We’ve all experienced that “I’ve got nothing to wear” anxiety attack at some point or another. Sometimes, it results in a floor-drobe (definition: your entire wardrobe ends up on the floor), or perhaps you find yourself putting on the same pair of jeans for the third day in a row -- no judgement, we’ve been there. But getting dressed doesn’t have to be so hectic, especially in the mornings. The hours before 9AM are already a chaotic time, especially if you’re also trying to help your littles ones pick out their own outfit or trying to get to the gym before an early meeting.

One of the easiest ways to lower styling stress and steal back a few extra hours is outfit prepping. Just like planning your meals or diary management, there’s an artform to prepping your wardrobe for the week ahead. Plus, we love that it gives you the room to play and experiment with your personal style.

1. Block Some Time Just For You

Choose an hour over the weekend that works for you, block it out, and make it fun! Maybe on Sunday arvo, you put on a playlist, and indulge with a glass of wine? Do the kids have a Saturday morning birthday party? Grab a coffee and take advantage of the free time. The point is that this feels like a moment to relax and play with your wardrobe.

2. Check-in With Your Calendar.

Look at your diary and organise accordingly. Got a big meeting Wednesday? Double-check your Blaze Milano blazer’s back from the dry cleaners. Or save your favourite day-to-night look for when you’re going straight from work to dinner with the girls.

3. Get Inspired

There’s nothing like a cheeky scroll on the ’gram to get you excited about clothes. Take a peek at your favourite Insta and Pinterest accounts (hint hint: Calexico is on both). Also subscribe and keep your eyes peeled for our Your Week In Looks newsletters for a day by day breakdown of our favourite styles.

4. Begin With The Basics

The first rule of personal styling: begin with the foundations of an outfit. As a starting point, we love laying out our basics on our bed and adding and experimenting from there. Still unsure? Check out our Nicky’s Off Duty Look and Denim Essentials guides.

5. Found Some Holes in Your Capsule?

As you start to organise your clothes, it can be easier to identify some missing pieces that could really help elevate existing outfits. For example, a simple accessory like a cinched belt can transform one of your favourite dresses into an entirely new look. Or perhaps you can now see that the statement jacket you’ve been coveting would actually work with more items in your closet than you first thought. Feel free to give us a call from your wardrobe for a complimentary virtual styling session.

6. Organise Your Closet Like A Stylist

Once you’ve got your outfits sorted, pair them on the same hanger. For example, take the blouse that you’re pairing with your jacket for that day, and place it on the same hanger. Then throw on the matching scarf and belt around the neck of the hanger. Place the matching shoes underneath each look. Check out Nicky and Hannah’s video for more details and other wardrobe culling and reorganising tips!