Five Things You Didn’t Know About Eva

And Her On The Store Floor Favourites

We enlisted our Senior Stylist, Eva, to share the pieces she’s coveting in store. If you haven’t met Eva, she is Calexico-famous for her accent, accessories game, and effortless Euro-Cali style. Every morning as she breezes into the boutique we’re all enamoured by her latest tweed jacket or the newest addition to her bangle collection. Keep reading to find out more about Eva...

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Eva

  1. She’s Spanish -- not French! A LOT of people think Eva’s elegant European accent is French but she actually grew up in Mallorca, Spain.

  2. She made her career in London, buying & styling for French brand Paul & Joe, a high end boutique that features many of the same brands that we have here at Calexico and Eva still loves. Giorgio Brato, Citizens of Humanity, Vince...

  3. She lived in Los Angeles for four years and it still has her heart. After spending 15 years living in England the sand, the sun, and the Spanish community reminded her of her Mediterranean origins. Plus the star studded streets, always gave Eva someone new to style.

  4. In a challenging moment in her life, Eva found her love for yoga. Practising this self-love everyday has changed her life and she says gives her, "wellness and calming energy in her day".

  5. Once at a party in London, even though they'd never met before, Boy George was CONVINCED he knew Eva. We get it Boy George, she is very cool!

Eva's Favourites: What's On The Racks?