You may have noticed that we are a little shirt crazy here at Calexico. It’s the easiest way to look both put together and sophisticated, without trying too hard. And it’s not just any cotton shirt that we love – it’s the ‘Eileen’ shirt by Frank & Eileen (whose name is inspired by founder Audrey McLoghlin’s Irish grandmother, Eileen!).


1. It’s the perfect slouchy shirt that every girl needs. The white ‘Eileen’ is an essential for a capsule wardrobe, but don’t be afraid to break the rules and own it in multiple colourways or fabrics. The classic blue wash is another must-have or opt for the vintage stonewashed indigo to exude that casual California style. And yes – the Canadian tuxedo is always a fun option when styling your Frank & Eileen! 

2. They are a great travel essential. Pair them with your favourite linen pants (speaking of which we have the ‘Kinsale’, which is the perfect friend to wear with your ‘Eileen’ shirt) or throw over your togs on your next beach destination holiday. Designed to be worn little oversized or opt for your true size to get the perfect fit. Tuck, tie, or toss your ‘Eileen’ on for the ease of effortless dressing.  

3. They never lose their shape, no matter how many times you wash them. In fact, they actually get better with age, softening with every wear. When it comes to caring for your Frank & Eileen shirts, use mild detergent and wash them in cold water. For cotton shirts, tumble dry on a low setting and remove immediately after. Linens are best hand-dried rather than machine-dried. Ironing isn’t necessary, but a quick onceover with a handheld steamer won’t go astray.   


4. The special button placement makes for a super flattering fit and doesn’t allow for any gaping! We know just how annoying gaping at the bust can be – but Frank & Eileen’s signature button placement makes for the perfect bust-flattering fit.  

5. Frank & Eileen’s Founder and CEO Audrey McLoghlin, prides herself on being B Corporation certified. From day one, Frank & Eileen has partnered exclusively with ethical and sustainable manufacturers to craft pieces using only the finest raw materials, creating clothes designed to be lived in and loved. Frank & Eileen actively seek solutions to minimise waste and promote recycling, all while implementing techniques (such as patten optimisation) to reduce textile waste during production. By prioritising sustainable practices, Frank & Eileen highlights their commitment to minimising their environmental impact and creating a circular fashion economy.  

6. He can look as great as you do! Did you know, at Calexico Man we are one of very few stockists globally with the Frank & Eileen men’s range? For the Dad who is hard to buy for, find the perfect gift this upcoming Father’s Day at  

No one does a wardrobe workhorse like Frank & Eileen. Guaranteed to never go out of style, they form the backbone of a well-curated closet. And we can’t recommend them enough. Next time you’re in store, ask one of dedicated stylists to help select the best one (or two!) for you.