At the very core of Calexico’s ethos is our love for our community. We pledge to look after our local and wider community in the following ways.


We know first-hand how transformative a fabulous outfit can be for a person’s confidence and self-worth, and that is why Calexico partners with Styling Station, an organization who offers personal styling sessions and wardrobe solutions for women of all walks of life.


From floods to drought to bushfires, regional and rural Australians are some of the most resilient people we know. It's this strength and stoicism that also makes them less likely to reach out for support. Drought Angels is an organisation that offers one-on-one support to families and farmers impacted by natural disasters. Discreet, heartfelt, and practical the organisation doesn’t offer charity but instead financial assistance, a friendly ear, and a warm hug.


Calexico is a proud partner and contributor to UPPAREL – an innovative organisation driving upcycle solutions to end textile waste. We facilitate the dropoff of recyclable textiles from our customers and celebrate their donations by offering $25 off their next online purchase.