We View Underwear as a Styling Superpower

In Italian, Cosabella translates to “beautiful thing” and these pieces certainly live up to their name. Nicky first discovered the Italian-made lingerie line on a trip to New York. She fell in love with their exquisite designs and soft Italian lace. After chatting to the founder's son, she learned that the family has been designing and producing lingerie since 1983 (along with textile artisans in small villages all over Italy). Immediately, she knew this was a heritage brand that Australian women needed. Since then, Cosabella has become a Calexico staple and we’re proud to be one of the few boutiques in the country that sell these affordable but ever-luxurious pieces.

If you’re in need of a little lingerie makeover, then read on because we’ve rounded up our most gorgeous, raciest, sweetest, and most importantly comfiest lingerie pieces from some of the best designers across the globe to make you feel your sexiest.

"The best bit about lingerie is that it’s just for you -- okay, and maybe your partner -- but mainly, you."

Regardless of your definition, there’s something captivating about a woman feeling empowered and sexy in her own skin. One of our fastest shortcuts to feeling sexy? Lingerie.

Our philosophy at Calexico has always been that lingerie exists first and foremost for the wearer. You can almost think of it like jewellery; your necklace and earrings are for everybody else (because you can’t see them 24/7) but your bracelets and rings are in your eye line -- meaning they are for you to admire all day long. In the same way, lingerie is the secret sauce to feeling good. It’s the first thing that you put on and sets the tone for your mood and that day’s look.

The Cutie Thongs

And although the rest of the world isn’t able to visibly see your Cosabella Italian lace matching set in Nude Rose, they can see that you’re standing a little taller, smiling a little wider, and walking with a little more confidence.

The Curvy Bra

The Aire Thong

Seamless and semi-sheer this is the perfect piece for formal gowns and any time you need to avoid visible lines.

The Dolce Collection

Layering - but make it lacy. Adding some texture under your t-shirt is far from boring with Dolce's signature chevron lace.

The Hotpants

The Soire Bralette

This is Nicky’s go-to bra -- comfortable, classic, and chic. We love its glossy trim details, flatlock seams, and modern look -- basically, it’s the perfect barely-there bralette.

If you’re unsure of the correct size or most flattering style for your body -- head in-store or give us a call. Our stylists are trained to help you find lingerie that’ll make you feel your most confident, comfy, and sexy.