Watching the FW22 runway shows, we were literally dazzled by the level of sparkle on display and had to put our sunnies back on. Wherever we looked, there was a healthy dose of embellishment, sequins and metallic. It should have been blinding, but instead it was inspiring.
Some of you may be thinking: “Yes, that’s all very pretty but not so practical if you don’t have many discos to attend.” Fair point. Others may be worried people will think they’re mid-walk of shame. Ha! We hear you. But the interesting thing about this new influx of sparkly items is that they were styled in unexpected ways. Not just for the dancefloor. For everyday. All the time.
Inspired, we’ve come up with four high-shine ideas for outfits that are totally appropriate whether you’re heading to the office at 8am, popping to the supermarket or attending a 6pm function during daylight savings (half your luck if that applies where you are).

Showpiece skirts like these are so beautiful, it’s a travesty to let them collect dust in the ‘special’ section of the wardrobe (where sequins go to die). They need to be allowed out to shine! You could wait years for the right moment to debut a skirt like this, but what if that moment is now? Today!

TIP: What you can do is tone down all that star quality with a classic white shirt and neutral flats. Then we promise no one will raise an eyebrow when roll into work in your awesome skirt.

Dresses like these are just as amazing and ravishing during the day as they are at night. Style them right and you’ll be collecting compliments – not weird looks.


TIP: So easy. Just add a denim jacket and loose, undone hair. That’s it. Heels are fine. If your dress has a plunging neckline, that’s OK too. Preserve your modesty with a bandeau top underneath, then whip it off when lunch turns into drinks turns into dancing.



Don’t worry – they won’t think you’re on your way to Kylie’s Impossible Princess tour circa 1997. Bedazzled tops do have a place at work IF you partner them with beige basics. Like Meghan Markle sitting next to Kate Middleton at Wimbledon.


TIP: The key to working this look in a professional setting is to choose a more ‘worky’ high-waisted skirt or pants that are quite subdued and ideally belted.



You can effortlessly shine bright wherever you go by getting more mileage out of the metallic accessories you’d usually reserve for occasion wear. It’s all about simplicity worked back with the sparkle.

TIP: Again, this trick so simple but works every time. Wear silver accessories with a simple white or light blue cotton. Might we suggest an understated white tank with blue pants perhaps. As for gold, this looks best in the company of beige or brown