Whether you need a little inspo for all the special women in your lives or you're looking for an idea of what to put on your own Christmas wishlist... We've decided to take the heavy lifting out of your present decisions.

Curated by Calexico queen herself, Nicky Charman, and our dedicated team of expert stylists, here are all the gifts that are a guaranteed hit for every type of woman.

Oh. And did we mention the bit about the free gift-wrapping?  

The accessory that has taken us all completely by storm: The bandolier. Perfect for any woman on the go, this phone case / godsend is available in a multitude of colours and designs to fit a wide range of iphone sizes. This truly is the gift our stylists swear by! P.s did we mention they are available online with express shipping?


Ok. So this one might just be inspo for your own gift. Or one that you can hint to your husband, boyfriend or Santa Claus himself, doesn't matter. So long as these end up on your feet by NYE.


Nicky has nabbed one of these in every size and colour-way for all the women in her life. True story. She swears by these soft, suede make-up cases and pouches by New York label Kempton & Co as the no-brainer Christmas gift that will keep on giving for years to come. And to any of the women in Nicky's life, please act surprised...


Find us a gal who doesn't need a new pair of sneaks in her life. We'll wait here.


Hand-crafted and bespoke, every Pasotti Ombrelli creation carries with it over 50 years of artistry and craftsmanship. Amongst the finest in the world of its kind, this is the ultimate gift for the woman who values tradition and quality within every aspect of her style...


You know what they say... If it's good enough for royalty...

Worn by Her Royal Highness, The Duchess Of Sussex pretty much any day of the week, these Adina Reyter studs are classic, simple and a super safe gift for just about any woman. Plus, they will go with everything in anyone's wardrobe!


The item on just about every stylist's wishlist, a Laura B bag. The very definition of exquisite, these are a cherished capsule item that pairs back through every occasion from casual to formal. Calexico Men, if you're reading this right now, this is the gift to end all gifts... Unless you're considering buying her a Ferrari. In which case, she's still going to need this bag to go with it.


For the woman who likes to keep her most special things close to her heart, this locket from Jennifer Zeuner is all kinds of sentimental.


This is the small gift that you buy for all your girlfriends that you want to buy without too much thought or hassle that you know they'll love. Easy. Simple. Sorted.


This had to make the list out of collective Calexico obsession. The only one of its kind, this necklace from brand new designer Pippa Small has completely taken over our hearts, minds and wishlists and it's only been in store for a day. It's going to be a Hunger Games level dash to the register in who is going to claim it first. May the odds be forever in your favour.

The classic staple that every woman needs hanging in her closet, this new cult fave from Whiting & Davis is fail-proof gift for any daughter, mother, sister, friend, aunt and of course, you. Treat yourself.

Because we know you love colour.


Possibly the coolest gift on the list, this one is for the type of woman who is serious about her health, the environment and cold water at all times. These amazing water bottles work as a reverse thermos, keeping your water chilled as chilled can be for up to 12 hours!


A Calexico essential, every woman needs a Nicky belt in at least one colour! Spice up someone's life with a little bit of leopard. *Winky face*


We're on the sentimental bandwagon! The simple, elegant everyday necklace available in 14k white, yellow and rose gold is a truly special gift for anyone. Whether it's the first letter of their name, yours or maybe even someone else's, it's the gift that you can't ever go wrong with.


It's a baby bag. A beach bag. A gym bag. Let's face it, it's just THE bag...