40 Items you need before 40

With my 40th birthday approaching (OK, I've got just over 18 months to go!), my mantra is to "Take on 40 like a Sophisticated Queen!". With that in mind, I've created a checklist of wardrobe essentials that will get you on the right track to dressing for success every single morning.

Check out these 40 items I really do think make those tricky style decisions a cinch - whatever the occasion. Invest in these high quality staples because they are the building blocks to making fashion over 40 a breeze.

#1 A Black Smoking Jacket

#2 A Button Up Cotton Shirt

#3 A Pair of Ankle Slimming Straight Leg Jeans

#4 A Piece of Sentimental Jewellery

#5 A Glam Pair of Sunglasses

#6 A Versatile Black Dress

#7 A Statement Silk Shirt

#8 A Camel Coat

#9 A Simple Quality T-Shirt

#10 An Oversized Sweater

#11 A Tailored Pant

"I can't wear that - I'm in my 40s!" is a saying I hear on the shop floor all the time. What is it with turning 40 that women think all of a sudden all their style options are limited? Sure, it can be a suitable time to rethink crop tops, side boob and wearing gym gear literally all the time (sorry ladies!), but turning 40 is a really interesting time for style!

#12 A Wrap Dress

#13 A Cashmere Scarf

#14 A Pair of Black Flats

#15 A Leather Shoulder Bag

#16 A Party Bag

#17 A Mid Length Coat

#18 A Cotton Summer Dress

#19 A Party Belt

#20 A Signature Scent

#21 A Pair of Leather Pants

#22 An Elegant Blazer

#23 A Pair of Elevated Sneakers

#24 A Pair of Classic Pumps

#25 A Pair of Dark Blue Jeans

#26 A Pair of Elevated Track Pants

#27 A Denim Jacket

#28 A Classic Lingerie Set

#29 An Everyday Belt

#30 A Black Leather Jacket

I'm constantly inspired by women of all ages. I love the level of confidence that lies within the 40-something age range. For those who need a little push out of their style comfort zone, make sure you ask our personal stylists to help uncover what works for you - not just what's trendy. Let's get you looking forward to 40 with some new, fun and empowering style options. Bring on the 40s I say!

#31 A Matching Set

#32 A Light Coloured Leather Jacket

#33 A Comfortable Boot

#34 A Summer Pant (Not Jeans!)

#35 A Chic One Piece

#36 A Great Length Pair of Denim Shorts

#37 A Beach Cover-Up

#38 A Chic Pajama Set

#39 A Cashmere Sweater

#40 A Statement Night Out Top

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