Pippa Holt

Pippa Holt has Australian origins and is a lover of international fashion and true craftsmanship -- making her a designer that’s close to our heart. The former British Vogue stylist, who grew up in Melbourne, discovered this Mexican style of kaftan after living in Houston and trying to survive the Texan heat. She immediately fell in love with their designs and practicality and was reminded of her grandmother’s style of tropical dressing at her seaside holiday home on the Great Barrier Reef. Light-weight, vacation-friendly, and beautiful to wear in the heat, Pippa set out to share these pieces with the rest of the world. 

We call these kaftans holiday heroes. They are truly authentic, lovingly made, endlessly stylish, and comfortable to wear. They pack small, work day and night, on a beach, in a city, with or without a belt, and are overall incredibly versatile. 

Traditionally known as a huipil, these kaftans have been made in Oaxaca for centuries, and the looming technique is thought to have existed since 1500 BC. In partnership with over 200 talented Oaxacan artisans, this same technique is still used in the creation of every Pippa Holt piece. Each kaftan takes between three weeks and one month to weave and is guaranteed to be a unique heirloom piece you'll have for many years to come.