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Article: Looking Hot, Feeling Cool

Looking Hot, Feeling Cool

Looking Hot, Feeling Cool

H ave an event to attend and the forecast predicts it’s going to be blistering? Don’t fear – there are many ways you can beat the heat and still feel stylish and dressed for the occasion. Whether it’s a summer wedding or a 40th birthday we’ve got some style tips and designer dresses to keep you feeling beautiful, meet the dress code, and stay relaxed and comfortable no matter the temperature.

Make Fabric Your Friend

Of all the laws of summer dressing, choosing lightweight materials and fabric is absolutely number one. The heaviness and texture of a dress is going to make all the difference between feeling stuffy letting your skin breathe. Although, many people realise that cotton and linen are cooling fabrics for basics and everyday wear – a lot of people don’t realise that they are also great for event wear! In recent years, we’ve seen a number of amazing designers using cotton for cocktail dresses and semi-formal wear in their designs. It’s a win-win situation because your dress still looks elegant and elevated but feels light and breezy. Silks are also great because their breathability helps your body heat escape.
Styling tip: Have a fun cocktail event? Choose a summer-friendly fabric and team it with the season’s favourite trend – bright colour! Add a stiletto and a statement bag for a look that is ready to party but not melt!

Lean Into Summer Silhouettes

You may also want to consider looser silhouettes that don’t stick to the skin – especially if you’ve a day event and one that’s outside. Obviously, not pouring yourself into anything too fitted is cooling in and of itself. Although having a little breathing room in your look also allows you to harness the power of a summer breeze as a cool down technique. If you think loose means shapeless, think again. A good designer carefully tailors their pieces to ensure the silhouette is sophisticated and fitted.
Styling tip: If you are still craving a little more structure – choose a flowing maxi and cinch with a belt – that way, you’ll still have the space in the skirt and top but feel a little more pulled in. Add gold and elevated accessories to level up a kaftan or maxi dress.

Colours & Prints Are Important

As hard as you try, sometimes getting a little sticky is unavoidable as you sit for hours in the hot summer sun drinking a few glasses of champagne. If you think that you’re going to break a sweat, colours and prints can be your friend – or your enemy. Steer clear from greys and block pastel colours that really highlight sweaty patches and choose blacks and darker hues or our personal favourite - prints! A print allows you to have fun with colours (even some lighter colours) but better hides any perspiration.
Styling Tip: Do you have a summer garden wedding? Choose a floral print in a cotton material for a look that is romantic plus dress code and weather friendly. Team it with sophisticated black heels and a handbag.

Choose Cool Accessories

Accessories can also help you keep your cool. If you’ve got a summer race day or fancy alfresco lunch – add a stylish hat to your look and sunglasses to keep the sun of your face. Also, open toed shoes over closed toe pumps can also help. It may sound like a small change but we lose a lot of our heat through our feet and hands, so strappy sandals or elevated flats can really help you to feel comfortable on scorching days.

Styling Tip: Accessorising is all about balance, and the right accessories can make even the most basic outfit look elevated. The key to creating harmony? Choose a signature accessory and balance your other pieces around it. For example, if you’ve got a statement hat, keep your earrings more simple such as classic studs.

Need help with an upcoming milestone birthday or just want to update your summer capsule with some elevated cotton pieces? Our expert team are always on hand to help you create a wardrobe you love for every season and occasion. Fun, friendly, and complimentary take advantage of our personal styling sessions online or in-store!



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