Invest In Aftercare: How To Treat Your Cashmere Right

The Ultimate Cashmere Guide - Your FAQ's Answered

At CALEXICO HQ, we’re like kids in a candy store as the weather gets cooler and we can whip out a Minnie Rose Off The Shoulder Knit or team an amazing pair of jeans with a simple Enza Costa V Neck. Although notoriously delicate, cashmere can last you through multiple winters. Here are my field notes on keeping this beautiful fabric cozy for decades.

How to Prevent Pilling

Pilling happens due to friction rubbing against itself or other surfaces. Therefore, you’re probably more likely to notice that pilling occurs on the sides and sleeves. Unfortunately, designer cashmere is not more or less prone to pilling -- but there are things you can do to reduce your chances of piling.

It might sound strange but give your cashmere a rest. The fabric of cashmere actually bounces back to its original shape when given the chance. How to remove pilling from my cashmere? If you’ve done your best and pilling has still occurred, it can be removed using a garment bristle brush or one of our favourites in store is the electric one. Wash your cashmere (see our tips below), lie it flat, then brush in one direction to remove the pills. Afterwards, your garment should look brand spanking new. Also, we highly advise against using a razor or scissors as this can often make things worse.

How to Wash Cashmere

Choose tepid water. Think Goldilocks: not too hot, not too cold. Use mild detergent or baby shampoo -- and use less than you think. Submerge the garment, then swirl in your tub or basin. Gently massage areas that need more attention -- never scrub. Drain the water, refill with more clear tepid water, leave for two minutes. Remove water and clump the garment in a loose ball. Press it against the bottom or side of your tub or sink to squeeze out excess water. Avoid wringing or twisting the garment as that can stretch your item’s shape. Lay the wet jumper on a large towel. Roll it up firmly but not tightly. Apply pressure on the rolled towel to extract further water. To dry, place the piece on a fresh, dry towel and put it outside to dry in the shade, on a flat surface. Stay away from direct sunlight as this can damage cashmere.

How to Store Cashmere

Always fold and store cashmere on a shelf. Avoid hanging as gravity is not cashmere’s friend. Firstly, fold the arms under and then fold the knit in half. In the warmer months, store in cotton or linen bags to prevent moths and moisture. Moths love natural fibers and are attracted to worn clothes -- so make sure that you give it a true clean before putting it away.