International Women’s Day is here — and as a female-owned business that supports women, we’re honoured to be able to celebrate it with all of our incredible clients that are empowering themselves, their families, and their communities every day.

The official theme of this year’s IWD is #BreakTheBias, encouraging all of us to spend time having conversations and taking action to challenge and stop gender stereotypes, discrimination and bias. We are aware that in the past fashion has sometimes been used to create limiting stereotypes and biases towards women. Fortunately, the world has come a long way and in most places today, women use fashion to empower themselves and express their unique personalities that exist outside gender bias. At Calexico, we share this sentiment and believe that there’s no one definition of feminine style, there are as many definitions as there are women, and that our job is to simply to support each woman that walks through our doors on finding her most confident version of self – whatever that looks like for her!

To celebrate the day, we’re hosting an event with the ever-inspirational Tracy Stockwell, Sarah Hackett, & Kylie Bull at The Green (another female owned Brisbane business). We’ll be joined by 50 of our clients for a morning of community, conversation, celebration and some delicious Mediterranean eats.

As always, we’re also continuing to support our partner Styling Station, an organisation that enables vulnerable women in the community to be empowered through clothes and to receive support and styling services.