Easy Dressing: Style Your Look In Five Minutes

Easy Dressing: Style Your Look In Five Minutes

Our senior stylist Eva shows you the ropes

Let’s be honest, as much as we try and wardrobe prep, there are those mornings that despite our best intentions, sometimes we’ve still got no idea about what to wear. If you’ve got 5 minutes to get out the door and are still clueless on a look -- get this foolproof easy dressing guide from our Senior Stylist, Eva -- specifically curated for cooler weather.

Five Minutes To Go… (Begin With The Basics)

Jeans are a no-brainer for last-minute looks. In particular, these Olivia’s from Citizens of Humanity are the jeans you want to reach for when you’ve got little to no time. The cut looks good with anything and everything -- meaning you’re not going to waste time wondering if these jeans are going to match the rest of your outfit.

Pair with this Enza Costa Thumb Top (or the Thumby as we affectionately call it in-store) in cotton and cashmere. Not only is it versatile, but it’s also really, really, really comfortable. Choose a neutral colour (personally, I’m loving the white) and you’ll be guaranteed to have the perfect foundational layer for the rest of your look.

Three Minutes To Go… (Grab Your Go-To Statement Jacket)

Now that you’ve got your basics sorted, it’s time to get chic. Each season, I’ll invest in a winter jacket that has something to say. Beginning with basics and then using a jacket to maximise your look is a smart and simple hack for creating a look quickly. This Rag & Bone Blazer is an amazing example of a versatile piece that can be thrown on over jeans and creates instant style in seconds.

Two Minutes To Go… (Boot-Up)

Debating over the right shoe can drain precious time in the morning and can be the Achilles heel of easy dressing. However, not with this boot. Updated and elevated, the Crisi Boot adds a touch of sophistication, yet its internal wedge still create a cool-girl vibe. Invest in these boots and they’ll save you from being late time and time again.

One Minutes To Go… (Accessories On The Run )

Accessories are the best go-to for time-poor dressing. If you’re really cutting it fine, you can literally throw a belt and some hoops in your bag and put them on in the car. For me, I’ll put on my accessories as I’m walking around the house picking up after the kids or checking my calendar for the day.

And voila! That’s it. In four simple steps, you can throw on an outfit that has style, personality, comfort and doesn’t make you miss that appointment.