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Article: 6 Reasons to Beat the Rush & Book in an Event-Styling Session Ahead of Party Season

6 Reasons to Beat the Rush & Book in an Event-Styling Session Ahead of Party Season

6 Reasons to Beat the Rush & Book in an Event-Styling Session Ahead of Party Season

At Calexico, we always have several experienced personal stylists circulating on the shop floor to help you:
a) Get dressed for an event
b) Pack a suitcase for a holiday
c) Curate your wardrobe from the ground up

Our styling team is highly regarded in the industry for being down to earth, approachable and extremely knowledgeable about the designers we stock and specific items we have on our books.

If you’ve been following Calexico for a while, you’ll know that event dressing is our specialty and the lead-up to summer is our stylists’ peak period.

1. Event styling is how we've built our reputation

For more than a decade, Calexico has established itself as the go-to destination for eventwear dressing.
We literally go to the ends of the earth (Brazil, Paris, London, Milan, you name it) to source the world’s most sensational party pieces from designers such as Retrofete, Galvan London, Alexis, L’Agence, and many more.
We’re always adding exciting new designers and briefing our stylists on what makes them worthy of consideration by our clients.

2. You don't have to run around to 1000 different stores

We’re a one-stop shop for eventwear and that’s no exaggeration. Our stylists can complete your look from head to toe, inside out. We’ve got shoes, bags, jewellery, shapewear and underwear. Plus, we offer complimentary tailoring.


3. Our collection is HUGE 

What’s on display at Calexico boutique is only a fraction of what we have upstairs and in storage. Not many realise how extensive our range is, and our stylists have an encyclopaedic knowledge of what’s in stock or coming soon.
If you’re a fan of a particular designer, your Calexico stylist can let you know when new arrivals are scheduled to land so you have first pick.

4. We have a sixth sense for knowing what you'll love & what suits you

While our beautiful styling team is made up of unique individuals who each have their own style, they all have one thing common that makes them invaluable: they have an eye for what suits you and that’s rare. It’s innate and it can’t be taught.
After five minutes of getting to know you, they’ll get a sense for what you’ll love and what you need to feel confident arriving at your next event.

5. We won't let you leave until you feel 100% confident in what you're wearing

Our stylists are on a mission to help you look your best, no matter what you’re shopping for. Your happiness and confidence in what you’ve chosen is our job done. If you don’t feel comfortable in what we’ve chosen, we’ll pull more options until you’re 100 per cent satisfied and feeling like a goddess.


6. We can style you for one-off occasions or curate a full capsule wardrobe for you

Whether you’re a woman on a mission to find something specific or you’ve just wandered in looking for a feel-good purchase, our stylists will work with you to ensure you feel comfortable, confident and inspired by your purchases.   



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