2022 Horoscopes - The Year Ahead For Every Star Sign

2022 Horoscopes - The Year Ahead For Every Star Sign

And the scents, jewellery, and sunnies to make you really shine

If you’ve already had a hunch that 2022 is going to be infinitely better than the previous two years, the stars agree. Finally we’re catching a break and moving away from the challenging cosmic events of 2020 and 2021. Apparently, some of these astrological placements last occurred during the plague of 1347 (which is spookily coincidental, with all things COVID related). But moving forward, we can expect a year of discovering our new leadership abilities, music, arts, and romance. We can thank the meeting up of Neptune (the planet of creativity) and Jupiter (the planet of luck) for all this expression and good fortune. All around 2022 is set to be a year of love and easy growth – and we couldn’t be happier about it. Read on for your personal forecast and a few stunning pieces that can help you connect to your own shining star.


Aries, it’s time for a reset. After the summer celebrations, it’s not straight back into the daily grind for you. Instead, Autumn asks you to take some time to fully unplug in a way you may not have done previously. If you’ve ever thought about travelling to a remote island, going on a meditation retreat, or doing something more adventurous like a huge hike in Tasmania – now is the time. It’s all in the spirit of shaking things up to allow new ideas and goals to emerge. Upon your return, you’ll be gifted with a brand-new business venture probably around the time of the eclipse in May. It will feel fun and challenging (but in a good way!) and you’ll welcome the newness and the change. We can’t wait to see where you end up this time next year!


This year it’s all about teamwork, specifically partnerships in both love and in business. Get prepared for some kismet meetings and a few plot twists as the universe brings you some unexpected opportunities in the form of people. Although, before they come knocking on your door, you’ll need to look at the people, behaviours, and experiences in your current life. What are you not getting from them? How can others better support you? Where are your own communication challenges? Basically, you’ll need to get clear on the qualities you’re looking for in future relationships, so that you’ll recognise the right people when they show up. You’ll have lots of moments to do some research with your social circle lighting up and providing networking events throughout April. But don’t overthink it too much – there’s lots of luck on your side that’ll put you in the right place at the right time. Come November, you’ll have found your people and be ready to fully commit (for singles this may even mean moving in together or wedding bells)!


2022 is an inside job for you Gemini. The stars are asking for you to give a little TLC to your mental, emotional, and physical health, and if you do – your outer world will reflect your efforts. There are a lot of eclipses this year that will give you the opportunity to really heal one area in your life. If you’re wondering which area – it’s the one you’re avoiding or giving the least attention. Neptune and Jupiter help make success easy for you. All you need to do is dream big and step toward it with confidence. Taking care of yourself in mind, body, and spirit, and utilising your natural communication skills will ensure you achieve huge results from the inside out.


As one of the more sensitive signs of the zodiac, you’ll be pleased to hear that 2022 is going to be an especially soothing year for you, as most of your planets are in water and earth signs (known to be both nourishing and grounding). This calm energy will make it easier for you to be creative and to explore, particularly in the months from January to May and October to December. Make some amazing memories by taking that pottery or dance class that you’ve always wanted to try, a vacation to a destination on your bucket list, or if you can, put your out of office on and take a sabbatical. This year is all about freedom and play. If this all sounds too good to be true or you’re worried about leaving friends – remember that dreams can become reality and the people that love you will always be there.


It’s all about that cash money for Leo in 2022. Your financial sector is getting a big bonus thanks to a boost from Jupiter and Neptune. Maybe you use it to invest in real estate or start that side hustle or new business venture. It’s not your job to worry about the details, perhaps your cash injection comes from a mortgage deal or you decide to sell a piece of vintage furniture and get more than you expect. Either way, the universe has it handled, you just need to focus on stepping back to see the bigger picture and to shoot for the stars.


Virgo, keep your eye out for synchronicities and your life could flip the script in 2022. If you’ve felt a little stuck or as though you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to come your way, this could be your year. From April to May, things will magically line up – if you let them. Uranus has a big impact on your chart in the area of media. Meaning if you’re offered a new role in publishing, broadcasting, or teaching, be brave and say yes. The world is reorganising itself in terms of technology from social media to education, making it an exciting time to share your message Virgo. Find a new avenue to communicate your wisdom whether it’s on the topic of home cooking, to interiors, to the stock market. Take a risk and watch the ripple effect.


Home and family life hit everyone hard over 2020 and 2021 but it weighed particularly heavy on you Libra. The good news is that the planets associated with those signs are rising in your chart this year. For you, the positive aspects of Jupiter and Neptune align to promote feel-good rather than forced health routines. You can expect to naturally crave fresh foods, clean air, and even invest in some stylish new workout gear. This year is just the beginning of your wellness regime and the lifestyle choices you establish now are going to become fundamental to your health for many years to come. Side note: a partnership will go closer in May to October, make sure to enjoy it along with this newfound vitality for life.


Scorpio, this year you’re laser focused on love and moving away from playing the field or staying in the in-between. The planets ask you to resolve any commitment issues, open your heart, and double down on relationships. Although scary, Jupiter and Neptune help you see commitment and closeness (whether you’re single or in partnership) through a new lens. Having said that, if you are in a difficult relationship, the lunar eclipses of May and November will make the decision easier for you, by forcing you to go all-in or move on altogether. The key to this relies on your honesty and communication. So speak up, and let love guide you.


As the scholar of the zodiac, you’ve taken the challenges of the last two years as a growth opportunity, and you’ve learned a lot in the process. This year, it’s time to integrate the lessons into your life. One of the most effective tools to help you do this, is to focus on your mental, emotional, and physical health. What did you learn about yourself and your choices over the 2020-21 period? What can you now take action on from a positive and compassionate place? Between May and October you'll be feeling super romantic, creative and passionate for love and for life. Lean into it and enjoy yourself – you deserve it!


Ugh, Capricorn, you have had a rough ride since the beginning of 2020. Pluto and Saturn were both in your sign taking you to your depths emotionally and physically. However, you are shifting out of this and 2022 will bring you a fresh start and renewed energy. Expect lots of opportunities to come your way; people want your wisdom and to connect with you, both personally or professionally. Make sure to follow only the opportunities that interest you to avoid burning out on things you're not that passionate about. April and May will bring heightened love and creativity around the eclipse season. The light at the end of the tunnel is here.


You’re a natural innovator Aquarius, and this year you may apply that to a new home-based business idea. That side project or hobby you’ve been steadily working on could now become a brand-new income source for you and for an added bonus, it’s something that’s based on passion and true self-expression. You may also find yourself moving house or purchasing a holiday rental in the spring as an eclipse stirs up a new beginning in the home section of your chart.


Don’t tell the other star signs, but this is your year, Pisces. You’ll find creative solutions that solve problems and allow you to shine like no other. Your ruling planet Neptune is magnetically close to the planet of luck Jupiter for much of 2022. After feeling like you’ve been in a cocoon, be prepared for new levels of recognition. Plus, you’ll attract exactly the things you need in life and business to ensure smooth sailing. The one catch? An overload of choice. Just be prepared, be discerning, have the right team on your side, and you’ll find the sky's the limit!

Okay, that’s a wrap on your 2022 forecast. Overall, it’s clear that there’s a lot of moving and shaking happening with many signs starting new career paths or turning hobbies into side hustles, as well as lots of love in the air, and even healthier habits. If you need some updates to your work wardrobe, some fun date night looks, or an update to your more active wear, we’ve got it all. Also, the New Year is the perfect time to set yourself up with a solid capsule collection to support your year ahead – no matter what the stars have in store for you!

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