Dressing Casual The Right Way


The last year has been a challenge and at Calexico there has been plenty of down days, up days, & all the type of days in between. The way we operate as a society has changed so much and so has the way we dress. Women are looking for more casual looks and we’ve had the time to check our Casual Capsule Wardrobe.

I think it is important to always keep your casual pieces fresh and to have the staples to a fool proof ‘at-home wardrobe’. Just because we have to spend more time at home, doesn’t mean we need to look like it. Now is the time to revive your separates and make sure they give you that good feeling! 


 Tips on how to achieve a great Casual Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Pull all your casual looks out on the bed, this is all of your short and long sleeve tees, casual shorts and dresses,  tracksuit tops and bottoms, leggings and knitwear.
  2. Put them into their style categories – all the tees go together, all the dresses etc
  3. Now put them into colours. Go through each group and if you know you can’t wear any of these items in front of your friends then it’s time for them to go – donate or give to a family member who might need these more than you do.
  4. Work out what’s missing in your Casual Capsule Wardrobe. Ask yourself: Do you need a fresh white tee? Do you need a new matching tracksuit for those cold mornings when doing life admin? Are you needing a long sleeve black layering top to wear under your Saturday morning sport outfit? Work out what you need and go from there. We are only a text away to help you get the right pieces for the new norm way of smart Casual Dressing.
  5. Remember to do the same culling process with sleepwear and lingerie. What I wear underneath really sets the tone for my day. Sometimes we forget that, so try and treat yourself and feel good from the first layer you put on in the morning!